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Clinical Management

Our experts will help you follow protocols and procedures.

Following proper protocols to ensure a safe, confidential office is crucial to the success of any orthodontic clinic. The Centers for Disease Control have strict guidelines that must be adhered to, an in order for that to happen, every staff member must be made aware of them. Additionally, your practice may opt to take additional steps to ensure the health and safety of your patients.


In order to both ensure the health of your patients, as well as the life of your instruments, proper care is essential. Creating and ensuring every team member follows these guidelines is crucial to protecting against infections and protecting your team members and patients.

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All orthodontic assistants must be properly trained and educated in working with the tools and equipment used in an orthodontic office, as well as working with patients. These team members should be well-versed in instrument and dental laboratory disinfection and best practices and sterilization to ensure the health and safety of all patients.


Additionally, all assistants should be well-trained in working directly with patients, exhibiting a professional and trustworthy chairside manner, knowledge of the patient’s treatment history and plan, and the ability to listen and manage patient expectations.


Dr. Stosich can assist your clinic in designing a patient schedule that will maximize clinical efficiency, while at the same time minimizing patient wait times. This helps ensure treatment schedules stay on track, and ensures patient satisfaction.


One area that cannot be overlooked is the importance of privacy and confidentiality for every patient you treat. Adhering to HIPAA guidelines, the Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act, protects your patient’s health information. The privacy of your patients should be taken into account in every aspect of your practice, from clinic design, to administrative safeguards.

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Sterilization protocols, training/management of assistants, inventory, scheduling, treatment profile/card, HIPPA

Sustainable growth happen with consistent learning.

Effective clinical management is crucial to ensuring the future growth of your clinic. From properly scheduling patients, to managing inventory, to ensuring sterilization protocols and HIPPA guidelines are in place, this aspect of an orthodontic clinic cannot go overlooked. Our experts can ensure that you are set up for success.

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Administrative, Marketing, Patient Management, Expenses Optimization , Orthodontics Technology, Clinical Management and Financial Management.

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Consultation on Specific Areas, Consultation on Starting New Practices, Consultation on Integrating Orthodontics into Your General Dentistry Practice, Coaching/Training, Assessment & Audits for Existing Practices

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We provide a wide range of ortho practice consultancy services.

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