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Consultancy Services  for New Orthodontic Practices

Taking the leap into starting your own practice is exciting, but it can be a difficult and sometimes even confusing road. From finding the right location and ensuring the build is ideal to properly serve your patients, while allowing for effective flow for your team, to establishing financial protocols, to knowing which technologies to outfit your clinic with, there is so much that goes in to starting a practice.

Do you need help with managing your practice?

Your Brand-New Practice + Our Years of Experiences = Success

Dr. Stosich has been there, and has come out on the other side successfully with thriving practices. He can help you every step of the way. His services for start-up practices include:

Real estate/office assistance - From negotiating purchase and lease deals, to helping with architecture and office design and layout, our experts can help you start on the right foot.

Staffing and training - Our experts will help you create job descriptions for each role that will include standard accepted skill sets married with your unique needs, as well as help you define your own expectations for each position in your clinic. We can help you create and implement systems that will motivate your staff while encouraging accountability. With the right team that is motivated and excited about their role in the practice, your clinic will be on the right path to meet and exceed your goals.

Technology and equipment - Technology changes rapidly, and it seems that almost every day a new advancement is introduced. How can you know which are right for your practice? This can be one of the most overwhelming pieces of starting a new clinic. Drs. Stosich and Sachdeva can help you make investments in the right technologies, understand how to properly evaluate your options, wade through which vendors will be the best for your practice, and how to negotiate the best pricing.

Growth management - You are creating your practice with the goal of watching it grow year after year. We can help you manage your expectations, as well as help you understand any challenges that might prohibit growth. Additionally, we can help you identify the opportunities that may foster growth, such as altering business hours to attract more patients, adding additional payment options, adding additional staff and/or providing more training, and how to properly market your practice.

Accounting/Collections/Insurance - We can help you create accounting systems and collections procedures that ensure your practice is both profitable and competitive with other practices in your area. Our affiliated experts will train your staff in how to ensure patients understand your financial policies and fees, and collection policies.

Patient acquisition - Your clinic is nothing without patients, so how do you attract patients to your new clinic? Our experts understand the importance and challenge of new patient acquisition. We can help you with marketing and branding, as well as staff communication skills that can help encourage patient acquisition.

Marketing/Branding - A healthy and robust marketing program will ensure you are well-known in your community. This includes website development, digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media, logo and brand development and much more. You need to create something that makes you stand out from the pack, while also projecting a positive and trustworthy image. We can help you understand what pieces will help catapult you to the top of the pack.

We provide consultation for both new and existing orthodontic practices

New Practices

Ensure you start strong as you build from the ground up.

Our orthodontic consulting firm offers everything you need to begin your practice, from providing orthodontic consulting services on specific areas to coaching and training your staff.

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Existing Practices

Optimize your practice to jump to the next level.

Whether you need to recover from a patient downturn or you are just ready to take the leap to the next level, our knowledge will help you streamline treatment, jumpstart your marketing, better train your staff, and more to ensure better performance and ROI.

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Benefits of Consulting with us

Helping you improve your practice or start strong from the very beginning

Clearly Defined Strategies

Our strategy is backed by years of working in the orthodontic field and providing consultation for different practices.

Monitoring System Implementation

Our monitoring system will help you gauge your practice performance in small periods in order to help catch the problems early on.

Comprehensive Solution

We provide comprehensive consulting services while implementing a coherent strategy that will help every aspect of your practice work in tandem.

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