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new orthodontic practice

Your New Practice + Our Many Years of In-the-field Experiences

Whether you are looking to start your own practice, or purchasing an existing one, we can help your orthodontic practice dreams come true. The beginning of anything can be overwhelming and stressful, but our expertise can help ensure you have the knowledge you need to create a streamlined practice that is set up for success.


When you begin a new practice, you’ll need to understand every facet of the operation. What is the proper set-up and flow of your office to increase efficiency and ensure patient comfort? How many patients can you effectively treat on each day? How do you collect payment for services, and what is your protocol for outstanding or unpaid balances? How will you reach patients?

Supercharge Your New Practice From The Very Beginning

There is much to consider when starting a new practice, but because we have successfully run our own practices, we know what it takes to help ensure your success.

We can help you:

Negotiate purchase or lease agreements

Create a practice design that both maximizes efficiency and patient comfort

Determine what equipment and software is needed

Hire and train a well-rounded staff for every part of the clinic’s operations

Help you determine budgets and goals through the first year of your practice

Develop a marketing strategy to reach patients

Create manageable scheduling templates

Train your staff on financial collection and creating and implementing protocols

The same is true if you have purchased an existing practice to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. We can help you evaluate the current systems used by the practice, and then make changes and refresh them as needed. We can help you with a complete practice audit, from finances to administrative systems, to evaluation of team members, to help you determine how best to take the new practice forward. Our expertise can ensure the transition moves forward smoothly and with as few bumps as possible.

We walk you through all the necessary steps you would need to succeed.

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