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Patient Management, Patient Integration & Relationships

Attracting new patients is one of the hardest things about operating an orthodontic clinic. And once you’ve attracted those patients, how do you win them over and keep them?


Dr. Stosich will help you and your staff understand everything you need to know about providing exceptional, personable and professional care to every patient to ensure they are satisfied with their experience, and want to send friends and family your way, as well.

patient management, integration relationships

Everything You Need to Provide a Great Experience for Your Patients.

In order to maintain your practice, you need a steady stream of patients coming to your clinic each month, and that requires the right systems in place to be able to seamlessly introduce them into your practice.

We can help your practice:

Craft a marketing program to foster brand recognition, relationship building and conversions.

Train your staff in treatment presentation and closing to ensure appointments are made and kept, and those initial appointments convert into patients.

Design a treatment schedule that maximizes clinical efficiency while minimizing patient wait times.

Integrate electronic charting and paperless solutions to streamline the efficiency of the office.

Create a treatment planning system to guide each appointment to allow for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Integrate hygiene and compliance protocols

Your patients are the heart and soul of your clinic. Be sure every member of your team understands the importance of integrating new patients, managing current patients, and how to foster positive relationships. From crafting new patient and treatment scripts, to refining your recall systems, our experts can ensure your team has everything related to patient integration and management under control.

We walk you through all the necessary steps you would need to succeed.

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