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Consultancy on how to become a multi-disciplinary dental practice

If you are a dental practice that is looking to add orthodontic treatment to your list of specialties, Dr. Stosich can help. He has first hand knowledge in starting and growing multi-speciality clinics at the local, national and international level. From determining the logistics of adding orthodontics patients into already busy treatment schedules, to finding and training the right team, to how to handle finances, our experts have all of the knowledge you need to take this additional step forward.


Our goal is to help every client we partner with build and maintain a growing and highly profitable practice with an orthodontist. We can help you navigate the world of orthodontic techniques and technologies, insurance reimbursements, new patient conversions, marketing, and more.


Dr. Stosich, as a trained orthodontist who runs successful practices himself, understands both the treatment and business side of orthodontics, from the local family practice to the dental service organization (DSO).  If you are looking to add orthodontic treatment to your already healthy dental practice, let our experts be your guides to ensure you have the assistance and direction you need to make the addition a smooth and successful one.

Multi-Specialty Practices
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We provide a wide range of ortho practice consultancy services.

Areas of Consulting Services

All Areas Covered

Administrative, Marketing, Patient Management, Expenses Optimization , Orthodontics Technology, Clinical Management and Financial Management.

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Types of Consultations

Types of Consultations Provided

All Consulting Types

Consultation on Specific Areas, Consultation on Starting New Practices, Consultation on Integrating Orthodontics into Your General Dentistry Practice, Coaching/Training, Assessment & Audits for Existing Practices

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All Practices

Providing Consultation For

All Types of Practices

Multi-Specialty Practices, New Orthodontic Practices, Existing Orthodontic Practices, General Dentistry Practices.

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Benefits of Consulting with us

Helping you improve your practice or start strong from the very beginning

Clearly Defined Strategies

Clearly Defined Strategies

Our orthodontic consulting business is backed by years of work in the orthodontic field – we have the expertise in every aspect of orthodontics to help your practice succeed.

Monitoring System Implementation

Monitoring System Implementation

Our monitoring system can help you gauge your practice’s performance in small periods, allowing you to spot problems early on and make the necessary changes to put your practice on the right track.

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

We provide comprehensive solutions that cover every aspect of your practice, while helping you develop and implement coherent strategies that will help every aspect of your practice work cohesively.

We walk you through all the necessary steps you would need to succeed.

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