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Number One Practice Expenses Optimization Consultants

Optimize expenses related to Lab Costs, Overhead, Marketing, Chairtime and etc.

orthodontic practice expense optimization

Whether you are starting a new orthodontics practice or trying to revitalize your current one, it is crucial that you understand the expenses related to it, and how to best manage and optimize those expenses. Your clinic expenses will include salaries, rent/mortgage, overhead costs, marketing, equipment, and more. Our expert orthodontists and analysts can help you understand what to expect and how to navigate through those expenses.

We will work closely with you to:

Determine average salaries in your area for each of your positions

Negotiate rent/purchase agreements, tenant allowances, manage contractors and build-out costs, etc.

Help you determine which equipment is right for your practice and which vendors to work with.

Create a marketing plan and budget

Extremely high success rate

Determine current lab costs, as well as projections as your practice grows.

If you are a new practice, we can help you understand the costs associated with starting and maintaining a practice. If you are an existing clinic, our experts will analyze your current expenses to see where we can help you maximize your budget.

New Practices

Start Strong From Ground Up

Everything that you need to start your practice from consultation for specific areas to coaching and training.

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Existing Practices

Optimize Your Practice

Helping you get recovered from a huge downturn or help you optimize your practice for better performance and ROI.

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Benefits of Consulting with us

Helping you improve your practice or start strong from the very beginning

Clearly Defined Strategies

Our strategy is backed by years of working in the orthodontic field and providing consultation for different practices.

Monitoring System Implementation

Our monitoring system will help you gauge your practice performance in small periods in order to help catch the problems early on.

Comprehensive Solution

We provide comprehensive consulting services while implementing a coherent strategy that will help every aspect of your practice work in tandem.

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