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How Long Will It Take to Get My Braces?

how long to put on braces

Round Lake, IL – Millions of people of all ages wear braces to improve the look and health of their smiles. If you are one of the many getting ready to get braces, you probably have some questions, like what you should expect on the day the braces are put on. Dr. Michael Stosich walks potential patients through what to expect when getting braces.

Are There Braces I Only Have to Wear at Night?

Nighttime Aligners

Grayslake, IL – If you’ve been told you need braces, chances are good you may not be overjoyed at the prospect. While you may be looking forward to the result, the process it takes to get there may be less than appealing. You may not love having to go about your daily life with braces or aligners. So, if you see or hear an ad for aligners you only have to wear at night, your interest may pique. But are these effective?

Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) – Grand Claims, But Scary Results

Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance AGGA

Grayslake, Round Lake, IL – Snake oil salesmen are everywhere, and the orthodontic industry isn’t immune. There are appliances and devices that make grand claims, such as being able to speed up treatment, or correct your smile without surgery, and any number of other claims. But do these work as some claim?

Can you get braces for top teeth only?

braces only on top

Kenilworth, IL – Many people are happy, or at least content, with their bottom teeth. After all, these teeth aren’t seen that often. So, when it comes to orthodontic treatment, why spend time and money on teeth that aren’t very visible? It’s not uncommon for patients to ask about getting braces only on top teeth, and especially only the top four teeth since they are the most visible.   That may seem like a solid plan, but it’s not that simple, says Dr. Michael Stosich.   “Unfortunately, it’s just not as easy as making the teeth look straighter,” says Dr. Stosich. “While orthodontic treatment...

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How Does Orthodontic Treatment Change Your Face?

how can braces change face shape

Grayslake, IL – There are often many questions associated with orthodontic treatment. One may be, will the braces treatment change the shape of your face? As with everything else in orthodontics, the answer to that depends.   Can braces change your face shape? “Orthodontic treatment is unique to each individual, and the changes braces make depend on what was being corrected,” says Dr. Michael Stosich. “Correcting issues such as underbites, overbites, and even open bites can lead to small changes in the facial appearance.” Underbites: This is the name of the malocclusion in which the bottom teeth protrude and come over the upper...

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Can I Get Braces if I Have Missing Teeth?

missing teeth adult orthodontic patient

Round Lake, IL – More adults than ever are turning to orthodontic treatment to get the smiles they’ve always wanted. Orthodontic treatment can not only provide beautiful smiles, but it can also create a healthier smile, too. But adult patients face some issues that adolescent patients often don’t. Adult patients may be missing teeth or have restorations, for example. Will orthodontic treatment still be effective? ...

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Can You Switch Orthodontists When You Have Braces?

how to swtich orthodontist

Kenilworth, IL – You’re in orthodontic treatment an everything is progressing nicely. But, something comes up, like a move to a new city, and you need to switch orthodontist. Or, you aren’t quite sure you like how your treatment is progressing and you’d like to try a new orthodontist. No matter what your reason, you can always switch your orthodontic treatment, even after putting on your braces or Invisalign or if it’s in the middle of treatment.

What Does Phase One Orthodontics Mean for Your Child?

phase 1 braces

Kenilworth, IL – If you look around, you might notice children younger and younger with braces on. If your child is one of those children for whom early orthodontic treatment (also known as phase one orthodontics or phase one braces) is indicated, what does that mean, and how can you know for sure that your child will benefit from early treatment?

Invisalign, Spark, InBrace, SureSmile – Oh My!

which invisible braces to choose

Round Lake, IL – You’ve no doubt heard of Invisalign, the clear and removable alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign was the first brand of aligners on the market after being invented by two Stanford University students in 1997. While that was once the only game for Invisible Braces or “Invisible” orthodontic treatment, that is hardly the case today.

Same Day Braces? How It Works and If It’s Real

same day braces how it works

North Shore (Chicago) – Are you in need of orthodontic treatment, and are ready to get started as soon as possible by getting braces the very same day as your consultation? Patients of all ages lead busy lives. Younger patients have school, extracurricular activities, homework, and chores. Adult patients have work, keeping up with their families, and social lives. It’s a lot to keep track of, and adding another thing can seem daunting. But, orthodontics is worth it and at Stosich Consulting promise we’ll value your time as much as you do. Led by Dr. Michael Stosich, we’re committed to providing...

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