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Practice Transitions

Practice Transitions

Embark on the journey of transitioning your dental practice with Stosich Consulting. Beyond the realms of mere business, your practice symbolizes years of unwavering dedication and strategic planning. At Stosich Consulting, we recognize its significance and stand as a pillar of support, uniquely attuned to the needs and challenges faced by fellow doctors. Led by Dr. Stosich, a doctor-driven organization, we assure a seamless and stress-free experience, ensuring the profitability of your practice.


Drawing from extensive experience and a robust network, entrust Stosich Consulting for personalized planning tailored to your specific financial needs. From in-depth compensation analysis to meticulous financial forecasting, our services are designed to guarantee a successful outcome, placing your practice on the path to prosperity.

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Tailored Consultations:

Immerse yourself in one-on-one consultations, where we craft a bespoke plan aligned with your practice goals and local market trends.

Utilize our expertise to navigate practice valuation, strategic marketing, candidate vetting, and negotiation with finesse.

Strategic Corporate Brokerage:

Explore the possibilities of selling to a Dental Service Organization (DSO) with a personalized game plan ensuring a profitable decision.

Rely on us to provide accurate and authoritative information, steering clear of conflicts of interest prevalent in the market.

Pre-positioned Practice Sale:

Strategically plan the sale of your practice up to 5 years in advance, maximizing benefits and ensuring a smooth transition.

Collaborate closely with your prospective buyer, offering crucial information to lenders, consultants, and attorneys.

Structure the sale to minimize tax implications at closing, addressing overhead concerns, and optimizing various facets of your practice.

Consult our experts and supercharge your practice in all managerial areas.

Areas of Consulting Services

All Areas Covered

Administrative, Marketing, Patient Management, Expenses Optimization , Orthodontics Technology, Clinical Management and Financial Management.

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Types of Consultations

Types of Consultations Provided

All Consulting Types

Consultation on Specific Areas, Consultation on Starting New Practices, Consultation on Integrating Orthodontics into Your General Dentistry Practice, Coaching/Training, Assessment & Audits for Existing Practices

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All Practices

Providing Consultation For

All Types of Practices

Multi-Specialty Practices, New Orthodontic Practices, Existing Orthodontic Practices, General Dentistry Practices.

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Entrust the intricate transition process to Stosich Consulting

Led by Dr. Stosich, and reclaim your focus for running your practice. With extensive experience, personalized plans, robust networks, and an unwavering commitment to your best interests, we ensure a seamless and lucrative transition for your dental practice.

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Entrust the intricate transition process
Stosich Consulting