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Accelerated Tooth Movement Debunked

Accelerated Tooth Movement
Stephen, the patient
Dear Dr. S.,
My orthodontist recently suggested a device called Acceledent to speed up my orthodontic treatment. I don’t know much about it, and it seems crazy that putting something that vibrates on my teeth will help them move, but he’s convinced it works. I’d love to get out of these braces as soon as possible, so is my orthodontist right – will Acceledent speed up my treatment?
Alex G.

Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Alex,
Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magic device that could make your braces wearing experience go by faster? Acceledent claims to do just that, and there is a lot of marketing hype trying to back up those claims. But, in truth not one study in a peer reviewed publication has found these claims to be true.When a new technology like Acceledent is introduced, the companies that produce them spend a lot of money on marketing and often pitch one sided “studies” as evidence that their product works. When the company itself pays for the research, we always need to be concerned about bias in the results. And, there just haven’t been any credible studies to show that Acceledent can actually move the teeth any faster.Sincerely,
Dr. S.

Thomas, the patient
Dear Dr. S.,
My orthodontist has recommended adding Acceledent to my daughter’s orthodontic treatment. She promises it will move my daughter’s teeth faster than the braces alone can, but it will cost an additional $1,000. Is it worth the extra investment?
Thomas K.
Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Thomas,
Quite frankly, no, Acceledent is not worth spending an extra $1,000 dollars on.The company that makes Acceledent claims that their product can may allow teeth to move up to 50 percent faster. However, there is not one bit of peer reviewed evidence that shows using a vibrational tool on your braces for any amount of time will have an impact on how quickly the teeth move.The company further adds that faster tooth movement may decrease the length of your treatment, and may make your experience more comfortable. Again, there is not one piece of scientific evidence that has been published in a peer reviewed publication that supports these claims.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to straightening your teeth. But what there should be are orthodontists who are committed to taking a methodical and scientific approach to straightening teeth. Utilizing the latest in customizable brackets and 3-D imaging, and putting the time into planning individualized care, can help an orthodontist create a treatment plan that will ensure greater precision. And that will mean your treatment time can mean more efficient treatment lengths.

My advice to you is simple – Do not spend any additional money on Acceledent or any other device like it. Instead, spend your money with and your time on an orthodontist who uses scientifically backed methods for moving teeth quickly and efficiently

Dr. S.

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  • Michael S. Stosich, DMD, MS, MS

    Dr. Michael Stosich is a board-certified orthodontist and the director of orthodontics at the University of Chicago Medicine. He is known for his extensive experience in leading clinical enterprises, publishing, and lecturing both in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Stosich has expertise in starting, growing, and maintaining successful orthodontic practices, including those in pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, and multi-specialty clinics. He serves on the editorial board of several publications and has been involved in innovating patient care and education, focusing on the future of dental and orthodontic healthcare.

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