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What Does Phase One Orthodontics Mean for Your Child?

phase 1 braces

Kenilworth, IL – If you look around, you might notice children younger and younger with braces on. If your child is one of those children for whom early orthodontic treatment (also known as phase one orthodontics or phase one braces) is indicated, what does that mean, and how can you know for sure that your child will benefit from early treatment?

Does Extraction Help Eruption?

Extracting Baby Teeth For Proper Eruption

Wilmette – Kenilworth, IL – To extract or not to extract – that is often a question asked of orthodontists and dental experts as children are growing. Can extracting otherwise healthy baby teeth have a positive impact on the eruption of permanent teeth? Dr. Michael Stosich always says look to the science.

One of the teeth these experts often look to is the canine. For patients who may have a palatally displaced permanent canine, could extraction of the primary tooth assist in its eruption? One examination of several studies of this sought to determine just that.

Will I Know if My Child Needs Braces?

child braces

Kenilworth, IL – As your children grow, you no doubt want to stay on top of everything they need to ensure their health and well-being. For some children this will mean visits to an orthodontist to ensure a healthy smile and properly functioning bite. Will you be able to tell if your child needs orthodontic treatment?

Can Early Interventive Orthodontic Treatment Save Money?

orthodontics for kids

Grayslake, IL – If your child has a less than ideal smile, they are certainly not alone. Orthodontic treatment is practically a rite of passage in adolescence. But can beginning treatment at an early age save money, and time, in the future?

Very few people have naturally straight smiles. Orthodontic treatment is here to help ensure that patients can have beautiful, healthy smiles that are ready to last a lifetime. Your child’s first visit to an orthodontist should happen around the age of 7 – this is the age recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists.

What Are the Benefits of a Palatal Expander?

Palatal Expanders

Grayslake And Round Lake, IL – The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit the orthodontist for the first time around the age of seven. For some people this may seem too young, but it is the ideal time for several reasons. The most important reason is that by starting a relationship with an orthodontist early, the orthodontist can take advantage of a jaw that is still growing.

Schedule An Orthodontic Consultation Today – No Referral Needed

orthodontics consultation

North Shore, IL – Did you know that you don’t need to wait for a referral from your dentist to see an orthodontist for the first time? If you have concerns about your smile, or about the way your child’s smile is taking shape, you can schedule an orthodontic consultation with the orthodontist of your choice today. “Many patients mistakenly believe that they must receive a referral from a dentist before scheduling an appointment with our office,” says Dr. Stosich. “However, almost all major insurance plans to not require a referral, which means you can schedule an appointment to talk to...

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Can I Tell if My Child Needs Braces?

child braces

Kenilworth, IL – Many children need orthodontic treatment at some point during their adolescence. Orthodontic treatment is an important milestone that can set your child up for a lifetime of good oral health. But are there signs that can indicate if your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment at some point?

Virtual Orthodontic Braces Consultations Now Available To All Patients From North Shore, Chicago

braces virtual consult north shore

North Shore, Chicago – Stosich Consulting is proud to be in the business of helping patients perfect their smiles. Our team, led by Dr. Michael Stosich, works incredibly hard to ensure very patient receives the very best orthodontic care. While we always prefer to see our patients in person, we know that sometimes that just isn’t possible. We are pleased to introduce virtual consultations to our services.

What is a Lower Lingual Holding Arch?

Lower Lingual Holding Arch

Kenilworth, IL – Every orthodontic patient presents with a slightly different malocclusion – that is because each orthodontic issue is as individual as the patient is. But luckily for patients seeking out orthodontic treatment today, there are a variety of technologically advanced treatment options to help correct their issues. One appliance that Dr. Michael Stosich uses is the lower lingual holding arch.

Introducing the iD Kids Next Generation

iD Kids

Kenilworth, IL – Kenilworth orthodontist Dr. Michael Stosich is committed to ensuring children throughout the Chicago area have the healthiest smiles possible. To that end, Dr. Stosich and Stosich Consulting are proud to announce the iD Kids Next Generation, a growth and guidance club to monitor your child’s smile.

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