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Dr. Stosich Shares Cover, Talks Tooth Movement in Orthodontic Practice US

Orthodontic Treatment

KENILWORTH, ILLINOIS- Check out the latest issue of Orthodontic Practice US and you’ll see a familiar name on the cover. Dr. Michael Stosich lent his expertise in tooth movement to the magazine by writing an article for the November/December 2013 issue.

“Orthodontic Practice US asked me to write a piece discussing the biology of the jaw bone as teeth shift during orthodontic treatment,” says Wilmette area orthodontist Dr. Stosich. “They’re a well-respected publication for professionals in my field, so I was happy to contribute.”

The article is the first in a series spotlighting the biology of orthodontic movement. In the article, Dr. Stosich explains how the jaw bone’s distinct structure facilitates the orthodontic “phenomenon” by offering a thorough dissection of the bone’s anatomy and the processes involved in bone remodeling. He stresses the importance of orthodontists possessing an in-depth understanding of bone physiology to deliver ideal results for patients.

As evidenced by his appearance in the magazine, Dr. Stosich is regarded as an authority in tooth movement biology.

“Long thought of as a static structure of the body used mainly to support and protect, bone has been shown to be a very dynamic system in constant modeling and remodeling to optimize its strength and mass,” says Dr. Stosich in the article.

Published bimonthly, every issue of Orthodontic Practice US is sent to 10,000 orthodontists across the country. It’s purposed to keep orthodontists informed through compelling articles written by industry leaders, new product information, case studies and practice management tips.

Sharing knowledge derived from years of schooling at top research universities and experience at his own practice isn’t a new passion of Dr. Stosich. With more than twice the education necessary to practice orthodontics, he brings considerable expertise to his roles at Stosich Consulting in the Kenilworth area and at the University of Chicago as the attending orthodontist for the craniofacial and cleft palate team. His efforts in stem cell tissue engineering research and overall scientific discovery have earned Dr. Stosich the title of lead scientist in a multiple industry studies.

Orthodontic Practice US may not be a fixture on the coffee table of the average Stosich Consulting patient, but Dr. Stosich’s appearance in the magazine is relevant to you as a patient. His thorough understanding of how the jaw bone enables teeth to shift into proper alignment directly benefits your treatment experience with us. Whether you’re in the market for braces, Invisalign or dentofacial orthopedics, you can be assured you’ll receive exceptional orthodontic care and a beautiful, healthy smile sooner rather than later.

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  • Michael S. Stosich, DMD, MS, MS

    Dr. Michael Stosich is a board-certified orthodontist and the director of orthodontics at the University of Chicago Medicine. He is known for his extensive experience in leading clinical enterprises, publishing, and lecturing both in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Stosich has expertise in starting, growing, and maintaining successful orthodontic practices, including those in pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, and multi-specialty clinics. He serves on the editorial board of several publications and has been involved in innovating patient care and education, focusing on the future of dental and orthodontic healthcare.

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