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Get Your Mouthguards Ready: It’s National Facial Protection Month

Facial Protection Month

GURNEE, GRAYSLAKE AND ROUND LAKE, ILLINOIS – National Facial Protection Month is observed by many dental professionals in April.

This national month-long event is sponsored by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Association of Orthodontists.

“Warmer months are here, and that typically means more activity outside the house,” says Dr. Michael Stosich, a Gurnee orthodontics provider. “We encourage our patients to wear mouthguards during sporting events or recreational activities.”

You may not realize the potential danger your child may be in if he/she does not wear protective mouth gear. Especially during contact sports, an elbow, fist or foot to the mouth can cause severe facial injury. This can be avoided if your child wears a mouthguard.

“It is especially important for patients in braces to protect their teeth,” says Dr. Stosich, a Gurnee orthodontics specialist. “Injury to an orthodontic patient can set them back many months of treatment.”

If your child isn’t wearing protective mouth gear, injury could lead to root damage, chipped or broken teeth, or tooth loss.

Invisalign expert Dr. Stosich explains the three types of mouthguards.

  1. Stock Mouth Protectors- This type is preformed, and is available at many sporting goods stores. They are affordable; however, children with dental braces may find these difficult to wear.
  2. Boil And Bite- This is made from a thermoplastic material, and is moldable once placed in boiling water. These are also available at sporting goods stores.
  3. Custom-fit- This is individually designed to fit your child at a dental or orthodontic office. Although they are more expensive, your child is ensured the most comfort and protection.

Accidents can occur during any physical activity. Preventing facial injury can save your child from extensive dental work down the road.

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  • Michael S. Stosich, DMD, MS, MS

    Dr. Michael Stosich is a board-certified orthodontist and the director of orthodontics at the University of Chicago Medicine. He is known for his extensive experience in leading clinical enterprises, publishing, and lecturing both in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Stosich has expertise in starting, growing, and maintaining successful orthodontic practices, including those in pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, and multi-specialty clinics. He serves on the editorial board of several publications and has been involved in innovating patient care and education, focusing on the future of dental and orthodontic healthcare.

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