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Importance Of Early Intervention

Importance Of Early Intervention

KENILWORTH AND GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS – Getting your child to a children’s orthodontist early may benefit them in the long run.
Intervening at an early age can provide a timely detection of problems such as an underbite or overbite. Fixing an underbite early can prevent surgery later. Once the patient finishes growing, the protruding lower jaw cannot be pushed back without a surgical route.

The initial appointment should occur no later than the age of 7. The reason for this is because the first permanent molars is typically erupted by then. Those molars establish the back bite, according to the American Association of Orthodontics website.

“We can make a smile beautiful at any age,” says Grayslake braces expert Dr. Michael Stosich. “However, there is an optimal time to start treatment for children.”
Your child’s orthodontist can monitor their growth and development, and pinpoint the ideal time to begin treatment.
Family orthodontics provider Dr. Stosich explains benefits to early intervention.

More Room For Permanent Teeth
During an early phase of orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist can create room for crowded erupting teeth with the use of braces. Typically, four brackets are placed on the four upper and lower incisors.

Create Facial Symmetry
The facial profile can be enhanced with the use of appliances designed to direct the growth of the upper and lower jaws. Treating your child’s jaw problems early can prevent the need of surgical correction.

Preserve Space For Permanent Teeth
Once the first phase of treatment is finished, a fixed retainer is cemented in to preserve space. This allows the permanent teeth to erupt with the proper space.

Avoid Tooth Removal
Early detection could prevent the need for tooth removal down the road. Older patients with severe crowding may need their second bicuspids removed due to space limitation.

Reduce The Total Treatment Time
The complete treatment time can be reduced when a specialist catches a problem early on. If you see that your child has an overbite, underbite, or protruded teeth, set up an appointment. It could prevent a longer surgical treatment path in the future.
Other benefits include preventing or fixing the issues of tongue thrusting, speech impediments and thumbsucking. Also, it can create good oral hygiene by making it easier for your child to brush and floss.

An early examination does not always result with your child in braces. The orthodontist may want to monitor your child’s growth instead. Our complimentary consultation can address any concerns or questions that you may have about your child’s oral health.

If treatment is needed, diagnostic records consisting of X-rays, photos and molds are performed to create a customized treatment for your child.
Orthodontic treatment can give your child more than a beautiful, vibrant smile- it also sets the stage for ideal facial balance and harmony.

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  • Michael S. Stosich, DMD, MS, MS

    Dr. Michael Stosich is a board-certified orthodontist and the director of orthodontics at the University of Chicago Medicine. He is known for his extensive experience in leading clinical enterprises, publishing, and lecturing both in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Stosich has expertise in starting, growing, and maintaining successful orthodontic practices, including those in pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, and multi-specialty clinics. He serves on the editorial board of several publications and has been involved in innovating patient care and education, focusing on the future of dental and orthodontic healthcare.

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