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Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligner Treatment Affordable?

Invisalign Cost
Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. Stosich.,
My teenage daughter needs braces, and has her heart set on Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners because she doesn’t want to draw attention to her mouth during her treatment. But I’m worried the treatment will be too expensive and we won’t be able to afford it. How does Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligner treatment compare to metal braces?
Martha S. 

Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Martha,
Your daughter and teens like her across the country are learning about Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners because of the great marketing the company does. They’ve been told that orthodontic treatment doesn’t mean they need to hide out for the next year or so of their lives, but that is as true for conventional braces today as it is for clear aligners.In the United States, the cost of braces can range anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. The exact cost is determined by the severity of the patient’s bite and the exact type of treatment you choose. Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners will be more expensive, and may not give your daughter the invisible look she’s hoping for during treatment.If your daughter is choosing her treatment based on what she thinks is going to be more aesthetically pleasing during the process, there are some things she should know.

First, Invisalign treatment often takes longer than treatment using our conventional iD braces. And, Invisalign often requires the use of attachments and rubber bands which gives the same appearance as our ceramic braces would. It is marketed as only requiring the clear aligners to achieve your ideal smile, but that is rarely the case. Unless you have a very minor malocclusion, you’ll need these buttons and attachments to move your teeth to their ideal locations. However, I have developed a hybrid model combining iD braces and iDentity Clear aligners, offering the best of both worlds: efficiency of treatment and aesthetics.

Every parent is typically worried about the cost of treatment. Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners are more expensive than conventional braces, and will most likely not provide the aesthetic look your daughter is hoping for during treatment.

The good news for you is that my office offers affordable care, and interest-free payment plans that can fit into any budget, no matter what treatment you choose. I never want a patient to be unable to receive the care they want because of cost, so my staff works hard to ensure our care is affordable for everyone.

Schedule a consultation with my office, and I can discuss which treatment option will be best for your daughter based on her specific orthodontic issue and the concerns she has about aesthetics during treatment. My conventional iD braces are so sleek, effective and affordable, I know you’ll both be pleasantly surprised.

Dr. S.

Sarah, the patient
Dear Dr. S.,
My teenager needs braces, and we love the idea of Invisalign. But we’re worried about cost – someone told us that Invisalign is considered cosmetic and that insurance won’t cover it. Is that true?
Thomas L.
Dr. Michael Stosich
Dear Thomas,
I’m not sure who told you that, but that isn’t true. While there are cosmetic benefits to any type of braces, Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners is considered orthodontic treatment just as conventional metal braces are. That means insurance will cover a portion of the cost.Our office offers affordable care and helpful staff who can help you deal with insurance companies. Most insurance companies will cover some portion of Invisalign or iDentity Clear Aligners treatment, and some plans may cover as much as $3,500 of the treatment. Our office is always available to help you get the most of your insurance benefits, so don’t hesitate to ask us for help.If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can also set up to $2,500 of your pretax dollars aside to put towards Invisalign treatment. Just be sure you keep all necessary paperwork and documentation that you’ll need to supply when applying for your FSA reimbursement.

Call my office today to schedule a consultation and learn how insurance can work for your son to improve his smile, and we can discuss which treatment option will be best to achieve his smile goals.

Dr. S.


  • Michael S. Stosich, DMD, MS, MS

    Dr. Michael Stosich is a board-certified orthodontist and the director of orthodontics at the University of Chicago Medicine. He is known for his extensive experience in leading clinical enterprises, publishing, and lecturing both in the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Stosich has expertise in starting, growing, and maintaining successful orthodontic practices, including those in pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, and multi-specialty clinics. He serves on the editorial board of several publications and has been involved in innovating patient care and education, focusing on the future of dental and orthodontic healthcare.


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