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Are There Braces I Only Have to Wear at Night?

Nighttime Aligners

Grayslake, IL – If you’ve been told you need braces, chances are good you may not be overjoyed at the prospect. While you may be looking forward to the result, the process it takes to get there may be less than appealing. You may not love having to go about your daily life with braces or aligners. So, if you see or hear an ad for aligners you only have to wear at night, your interest may pique. But are these effective?

Invisalign, Spark, InBrace, SureSmile – Oh My!

which invisible braces to choose

Round Lake, IL – You’ve no doubt heard of Invisalign, the clear and removable alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign was the first brand of aligners on the market after being invented by two Stanford University students in 1997. While that was once the only game for Invisible Braces or “Invisible” orthodontic treatment, that is hardly the case today.

Invisalign and Teeth Grinding – What You Need to Know

invisalign and bruxism

Wilmette, ILInvisalign clear aligners are an increasingly popular way for teens and adults to get the straighter smiles they’ve always wanted. People love them because they offer a high level of discretion, and they are comfortable and removable. The plastic aligners fit snugly over the teeth to guide teeth to their desired locations. But, if you grind your teeth is Invisalign a good option for you?

Expertise Matter When It Comes to Your Invisalign Treatment

invisalign treatment by expert provider

Round Lake, IL – Clear aligner therapy, such as Invisalign, continues to gain in popularity. And it’s no wonder – who doesn’t want to get a straighter smile using a treatment that is clear, comfortable, and removable? But when it comes to choosing a provider, expertise matters.

“I always encourage patients to do their research when choosing an orthodontic provider,” says Dr. Michael Stosich of Stosich Consulting. “Creating beautiful smiles is a science and an artform, and patients deserve to receive treatment from a provider who understands how these two work together to create beautiful smiles and properly functioning bites.”

How Long Does Treatment with Clear Aligners Take?

how long clear aligners treatment take

Grayslake, IL – One of the most commonly asked questions an orthodontist gets is “how long will my treatment take to complete?” Patients are anxious to see their new smiles but moving teeth to their new locations and perfecting bites doesn’t happen overnight. If you opt for clear aligner treatment, how long can you expect treatment to last?

Tips for Avoiding Bad Breath for Invisalign Patients

invisalign bad breath

Wilmette, Kenilworth, IL – Invisalign is a wonderful way for patient to get their ideal smiles and perfect bites. But, as with any orthodontic treatment, it requires careful attention to oral care during the treatment. And that means paying close attention not just to your teeth, but to your Invisalign aligners, as well.

“Some patients find they may have more occasions of bad breath while in Invisalign treatment,” says Dr. Stosich. “Bad breath is embarrassing and definitely something you want to work to avoid. Luckily, there are ways you can keep halitosis at bay – it just takes a bit of work on your part.

The Benefits to Clear Aligner Therapy

clear aligner treatment

Kenilworth, IL – Invisalign clear aligners took the orthodontic world by storm when the technology was first introduced in the late 1990s. Not only was Invisalign the first method invented to straighten teeth without the need for brackets and wires, it also was the first to use computer-aided imagery to provide cutting edge treatment.

Studies Show Invisalign May Not Live Up to Hype

invisalign hype

Grayslake, IL – When it comes to straightening your smile and improving your bite, there is a lot that goes into it. Careful scientific planning must be involved in every single treatment plan for every single patient. Orthodontics can never be a one size fits all solution, because every patient presents with a unique smile. That means the planning to treat that smile must also be unique.


“We see many patients asking about clear aligners, and Invisalign specifically,” says Dr. Michael Stosich. “Invisalign has done a tremendous marketing job, and most consumers have probably heard the name. Its perks seem hard to beat – comfortable, removable and invisible, but it’s always important to pull back the curtain to see what is really there.”

The Science Behind Clear Aligners Explained

clear aligners north shore orthodontist

Chicago North Shore, IL – Clear aligner therapy has gained in popularity as a convenient way to get the smile you’ve always wanted. The aligners are comfortable, removable and virtually invisible – allowing them to fit seamlessly into everyone’s lives. But how exactly do these small pieces of plastic work to move the teeth?

Has Invisalign Actually Improved?

Invisalign Aligners

Kenilsworth, IL – Invisalign is an appealing orthodontic treatment option. Who doesn’t want to move their teeth using an almost invisible device that is also touted to be comfortable and removable? No more metal mouth and no worrying about food getting stuck in brackets and wires – that sounds great!

When Invisalign first came on the market, it was really only best used in patients with minor malocclusions. Over the years, the company has made improvements and now Invisalign is marketed as an ideal option to rival standard metal braces. But is that really the case – has Invisalign improved and become more efficient at moving teeth?

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