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Do Adults Need Teeth Pulled Before Getting Braces?

Adults Need Teeth Pulled Before Getting Braces
Peter, the patient
Dear Dr. Stosich.,
I’m 41 and am tired of my bad smile. I’m worried about getting braces at my age, though. My brother had braces recently, and his orthodontist had to pull teeth before starting treatment. Do all adults need teeth pulled before undergoing orthodontic treatment?

Number of Adults Getting Braces on the Rise

Number of Adults Getting Braces

KENILWORTH, IL-There’s no arguing that straight teeth is viewed as healthy and attractive. Couple that with orthodontic advancements in recent years and it’s easy to see why so many adults are choosing braces to straighten their teeth.
According to survey data, adults make up 25 percent of orthodontic patients today. Dr. Michael Stosich, renowned orthodontist, confirms that number at his practice.

Typically when we think of those, we think of preteens and teenagers who were advised by their dentists to consult with an orthodontist as early as possible.

The Future of Adult Orthodontics Remains Bright

The Future of Adult Orthodontics Remains Bright

GRAYSLAKE AND SKOKIE, ILLINOIS –National Orthodontic Health Month has come and gone, leaving behind an interesting survey about adults and orthodontic treatment.

The American Association of Orthodontists spearheaded the survey in October in honor of the month geared toward oral health awareness. Adults were asked questions such as whether they were too old for treatment and how they would look during treatment, particularly if they were undergoing treatment with traditional metal braces instead of a more aesthetic option such as Invisalign.

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