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Dr. Stosich Joins U. of Chicago Craniofacial Team

Grayslake orthodonticsKENILWORTH AND GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS- In September, the University of Chicago Medical Center announced it appointed Dr. Michael Stosich, a Grayslake orthodontics specialist, as the lead orthodontist on its craniofacial services team.

He begins working with the team in the coming months.

Think Invisalign is the Best for Correcting Crooked Teeth? Think Again

Think Invisalign is the Best for Correcting Crooked Teeth

KENILWORTH and EVANSTON, ILLINOIS – The marketing machine behind Invisalign has a growing number of patients asking for this treatment by name when they visit Stosich Consulting. Reviews of this treatment run the gamut, however.

Some dentists and orthodontists swear by it, while others believe there are more effective treatment methods. Still others- like Dr. Michael Stosich- see Invisalign as a good option in limited cases.

Dr. Michael Stosich To Speak at Conference in China

KENILWORTH AND WILMETTE, ILLINOIS – Our very own Wilmette orthodontics expert Dr. Michael Stosich recently was invited to take part in a prestigious event this December in China.

Dr. Stosich will speak at the BIT Life Sciences 5th Annual Congress of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell 2012 in Guangzhou Dec. 2-4.

Why Orthodontic Treatment Alone May Not Treat Some Diastemas

Why Orthodontic Treatment Alone May Not Treat Some Diastemas

GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS- When we devise a treatment plan for our patients, it’s our goal to offer care that’s tailored to their specific needs. Even though many of our patients seek care for similar orthodontic problems, not every situation- such as diastemas- can be addressed using the same approach.

Dr. Michael Stosich Participates in Complex Orthodontic/Craniofacial Cases Research

Craniofacial Cases Research

GURNEE AND GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS – Grayslake and Round Lake orthodontics and craniofacial expert Dr. Michael Stosich will travel to Montpellier, France this month to participate in a collaboration between French and American medical teams researching complex orthodontic and craniofacial cases.

A Flawed Study and the Truth About Modern X-ray Technology

Modern X-ray Technology

GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS – The topic of radiation exposure has become a popular one in light of a recent news segment on NBC’s Today show.

Radiation from X-rays is something that has been dealt with in the medical field since the technology’s inception, and thanks to technological advancements with digital radiography, patients today are exposed to lower radiation levels than ever.

Remember To Wear Your Retainers

Remember To Wear Your Retainer

ROUND LAKE, GRAYSLAKE AND GURNEE, ILLINOIS – The end of your orthodontic treatment has finally arrived. The next step is getting fitted for a retainer.

Retainers are more common than you may think. After the braces come off, many people wear a retainer until their teeth have settled. However, many kids and adults wear retainers for other reasons.

Get Your Mouthguards Ready: It’s National Facial Protection Month

Facial Protection Month

GURNEE, GRAYSLAKE AND ROUND LAKE, ILLINOIS – National Facial Protection Month is observed by many dental professionals in April.

This national month-long event is sponsored by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Association of Orthodontists.

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